3M™ Betapure™ NT-T Series Filter Cartridge, NT39T100S0NG, 39 in, 10 μ, 15/Case

  • 3M ID 7000103114
  • UPC 04046719547623

Absolute-rated filter provides consistent filtration quality

Polypropylene filter media allows for broad chemical and temperature compatibility

Ratings from 0.5 to 70 µm  suit a wide range of applications

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Totale diameter (metrisch) 6,35 cm
Totale lengte (metrisch) 99,1 cm
Pakking/O-ring materiaal Polyethyleen
Eindconfiguratie Ongewijzigde DOE
Maximale bedrijfstemperatuur (Celsius) 82 ℃
Micronage 10 μm


  • Absolute-rated filter provides consistent filtration quality
  • Polypropylene filter media allows for broad chemical and temperature compatibility
  • Ratings from 0.5 to 70 µm  suit a wide range of applications
  • Exhibits superior particle retention under increasing differential pressure

3M™ Betapure™ NT-T Series Filter Cartridge is our polypropylene filter media cartridge ranging from 0.5 to 70 microns with various cartridge lengths from 25 cm to 1 m. 3M’s cartridge construction combines a polypropylene media with fluid distribution netting to form multiple layers, where critically positioned media flow channels allow greater movement of fluid from layer to layer.

For consistent filtration efficiency with a long service life use 3M™ Betapure™ NT-T Series Filter Cartridge.

Designed to deliver high performance and durability, along with direct cost savings by reducing the number of filters used, our filter cartridges reduce the filter change-out and decrease in direct labour and filter disposal costs.

This is achieved using an innovative cartridge design that utilises flow enhancing filter media and allows uniform distribution of fluid flow and contaminant throughout the entire depth of the cartridge. The result is an absolute-rated filter with long on-stream life that provides cost-effective filtration.

3M Betapure NT-T Series Filter Cartridges range from 0.5 to 70 µm  with various cartridge lengths from 25 cm to 1 m. Three distinct media sections are combined, made from multiple media/netting layers, to form the filter cartridge. These polypropylene media allow for broad chemical and temperature compatibility.

3M utilises advanced design and construction for 3M Betapure NT-T Series filters to achieve a high level of filtration consistency. Combined with an exceptionally long service life, 3M Betapure NT-T Series filter’s consistent performance gives you predictable results throughout the filters’ usable life. 100% polypropylene construction of filter media, netting, core, and end connectors affords extensive chemical and thermal compatibility and no media migration. FDA CFR-21 compliant materials of construction.


Chemical and Hydrocarbon Processing

  • Acids
  • Bleach (sodium hypo-chlorite)
  • Polyethylene and polypropylene manufacture
  • High Purity Chemical Production

Food and Beverage:

  • Bottled water particulate and turbidity reduction
  • Reverse osmosis membrane and spray nozzle protection
  • Diatomaceous earth or carbon fine trap and beverage blending
  • Rinsing and wash water

Fine Chemical and Electronics:

  • Pre-RO filtration of high silt density index incoming water,
  • Copper sulphate plating bath filtration in printed circuit board construction and colour screen filtration for CRT production


  • Film and paper coatings, photographic film
  • Lens coatings and can coatings
  • High quality paints & ink


  • Machine tool lubrication
  • Chemicals, detergents, and waste water
  • Textiles, plating baths, pulp and paper
  • Process water and ground water remediation

Voorgestelde toepassingen
  • Te gebruiken voor een consistente filtratiekwaliteit en grote compatibiliteit met allerlei chemische processen en temperatuurwaarden



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