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    3M Public Security at Passenger Terminal Expo

    februari 14, 2017


    • March 14 – 16, 2017

      Amsterdam RAI

      3M will participate in the Passenger Terminal Expo 2017. The trade show will be held in the Amsterdam RAI, 14 to 16 March.

      The booth can be found in Hall 8, stand number 7115.


    • Hall 8, stand number 7115.

    • 3M provides a full range of security solutions, suitable for usage in terminals and at airports. From Identity Management solutions, like document readers and fingerprint scanners, to bomb proof window film and face-in-a-crowd recognition.

      3M has brought the best and brightest technologies, designed to help you ensure your public security and to save costs. 3M will show their latest innovations and security solutions:

      • A live demo of face-in-a-crowd recognition, 3M™ Live Face Identification System, the latest solution 3M has developed.
      • On the spot demo of LFIS Check, the latest technology in Identity Management, based on identity checks with face recognition.
      • All possible information on the range of 3M document readers, and demos on request.
      • A demonstration on the effectiveness of bombproof window film, securing your terminal from scattering glass.

      3M is the innovation company that never stops inventing. Discover our latest products and technologies in public security and facility management in Hall 8, Stand 7115 at Passenger Terminal Expo in RAI Amsterdam.



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